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Most families start with small home with dreams of building their own big home. Small properties are sufficient for small families but as the family grows, more space in needed in the house to accommodate the need of every family member. Room additions make for a great way to add more space and additional furniture.

We are quality home addition and home improvement contractors that offer new addition and construction services in Hollywood. We are reliable and qualified residential and commercial contractors waiting to bid on your project. No matter how small or large your project is, your home addition will be finished in a great way that you can’t experience elsewhere.

At Contractors Hollywood, we offer a broad range of addition services including:
• Home Addition
• Kitchen Addition
• Room Addition
• Second Story Addition
• Sunroom Additions
• Addition to Existing Structure
• Bathroom Addition
• Bedroom Addition
• Building Addition
• Garage Addition

We are room addition contractors who will integrate all your addition ideas with their experience to execute your dream to come true. Contact us for you addition services and let us serve you in professional way.

Home additions and room additions projects are hectic. Sometimes, it may turn out to be more troublesome if the renovation is finished when the residents are around. A home addition is probably the most costly home improvement project you will carry out, so budget and right planning are very much needed for both room additions and remodeling. When you are ready, simply give us a call and a representative will provide you with a quote with no obligation. We are professional room addition contractors who will integrate all your ideas with their experience to execute property. Contact us for your home addition services and let us serve you in a professional way.


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